Little Piggy Peter

A story for children aged 3 – 7
By : Ann Johnson

Piggy Peter was a greedy little Piggy. No matter how much he ate, he could never seem to fill himself up.

“But I love eating,” said Piggy Peter to his Mummy.

“I know you do sweetheart, but you have to be careful how much you eat. Too much is not good for you,” she replied.

Little Piggy Peter didn’t want to listen to his Mummy; he thought that he knew what was best for him. So he waited for his Mummy to start hoovering up in the front room, before going into the kitchen to find something else to eat.

As he looked in the fridge he thought to himself, ‘Mmmm, that yoghurt looks nice. I wonder what sort it is.’

Without another thought, he gulped it down and quickly closed the fridge door. He checked in the mirror to make sure there was no yoghurt around his face, grabbed his school bag and ran quickly past his Mummy, shouting, “Bye Mummy. See you after school.”

Mummy Piggy looked up quickly. That was the quickest she had ever seen him dash off to school.

As soon as Piggy Peter turned the corner, he sat on the wall and delved into his bag again. Licking his lips, he stuffed a chocolate bar into his mouth. He knew that his school would not let him eat sweets, so he had to make sure he ate them before he got there.

Tilley Tiger and Hillary Hippo giggled as they walked past Piggy Peter. He could feel his face go red. He didn’t like it when people laughed at him… especially girls.

He soon began to wish he hadn’t eaten that last chocolate bar because just as Hillary Hippo turned round to look at him again, his belly made a huge gurgling sound. Piggy Peter could feel his cheeks begin to burn.

Piggy Peter soon reached the school playground. Christopher Crocodile walked up to him and said, “OK, so where are your sweets?”

Piggy Peter could feel his knees begin to shake, as he replied, “I haven’t got any sweets…honestly!”

“What do you mean, you haven’t got any? You always have sweets.”

Just at that moment the head teacher, Mrs Panther, walked straight up to Peter and said, “I have just had a telephone call from your Mother. She has asked that you go home straight away.”

Christopher Crocodile sloped off to the other side of the playground to find someone else to pick on.

Piggy Peter didn’t want to hang around, and dashed straight off home. He grabbed hold of his tummy and ran home as fast as he could.

As Piggy Peter ran round the corner to his house, he could see his mummy standing on the doorstep.

Piggy Peter ran straight past his mummy as he dashed to the toilet.

His mummy smiled to herself, because she knew exactly where Peter had to go.

A few moments later Piggy Peter appeared in the kitchen, still holding his tummy. “Oh Mummy, I’ve just had the biggest poo in the world, and my tummy is still hurting.” Feeling a little bit sorry for himself, he sat beside his mummy.

“Do you know why you have got a bad tummy Peter?”

Piggy Peter shook his head. He had no idea why he was feeling so ill.

His mummy looked at him and asked, “Well, do you remember eating something out of the fridge this morning?”

Piggy Peter was about to lie to his mummy, because he had been told not to eat any more food that morning. Then he remembered that funny tasting yoghurt he had eaten before he went to school.

His mummy smiled as she said, “Well, I take it you didn’t know you were eating a pot of home made mayonnaise?”

“Uuugghhhh,” squealed Piggy Peter, “I thought it was yoghurt.”

Little Piggy Peter felt so ashamed. He promised his mummy that, in future, he would never eat anything if he didn’t know what it was.

His mummy said, “I’m just glad it wasn’t something dangerous you ate. You should always check first.”

And you know what?

Little Piggy Peter kept his promise and never, ever, ate anything he wasn’t supposed to.

The End

Ann Johnson © 2006