About Us

Hi, My name is Peter Allchin. I am 58 years old and I live with my wife Ellen, and our two cats, Bertie and Scarfie, in the United Kingdom. Our desire to build My Kids Corner came from our two granddaughters, who, at the time of building this site, (August 2006) are three and six years old. My wife and I feel strongly that these and other young innocents should be able to participate in the cyber world and to learn to use computers without the unneccessary links to ‘adult content’ sites, and so, a safe site for kids, My Kids Corner, was born.

In time, we will add links to other sites. These lnks will never be to sites of an unsavoury nature. Your child/children will never be put at risk here.

The Puzzles section is generally of the wordsearch type. There are small grids with easy words for the younger ones and larger grids with longer words for the more advanced.

The games contained herein are of varying difficulty and are freely available from other sites on the internet. They are fun to play whilst teaching the child hand/eye co-ordination. There are ‘logic’ games which make even the adults think, so they should be pretty easy for some of the kids!

We have put a Gallery on the site so that children can send their own short stories and rhymes. Be rest assured that only the child’s first name, age and town will be put on the site. (Ie. David aged 5 from Bradford). We promise to never give or sell your email address, or any other personal information to any third party, ever.

The site is intended to give a lighthearted learning of the alphabet, and reading material for the more advanced reader. All the stories, rhymes and puzzles can be downloaded and printed for your own personal use, but please respect our work and that of the people who have contributed to the site as it is copyright material and may not be sold or construed as your own.

Kindest regards,

Peter & Ellen Allchin